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Yay again! It’s friday! And it’s something worthy celebration on its own 😀 Where’s your gratitude list for this past week? Linkity link, come on!


° work on my posts ahead of time, feeling like a dissolute writer, enjoy the decadent pleasure of spending hours writing
° get back on my written french, still good!
° Picard pain au chocolat, for breakfast, gooooood!!!
° Sa who keeps Euforilla up, updated and running, thank youuuu :)
° organize my weeks and my days, and being able to follow said organization U_U
° run together in the park, thanks to the c25k program, it looks like it’s working! But mostly do something together, chat about this and that while we catch our breaths, living nextdoor to the park (well, almost!), being in nature, take advantage of every sun beam, having a common goal
° bike along the canal, in an almost spring afternoon, see a lot of people out for walks in the sun, hear happy music coming from open windows, see a boy help an old lady carry heavy bottles, it all made me go “Faith in humanity: restored” :)
° home made cheesecake
° a bellyfull of sushi and sashimi… I think I was a bear in a previeous life, I really love salmon way too much!!!
° a night strolling around, with friends, thanks to (finally) good weather
° sleep late
° Clò, when she’s all cuddly or when she pulls her “Fearsome Hunting Cat” faces. And realize that she has the same eyes as everyone else in this “family”: changing colour according to weather, from brown to green (ok, she also has yellow and orange phases, we don’t, but you get my point :D)
° the smell of orange blossoms, of lavender, of sandalwood incense, of open windows
° google’s doodle for Miriam Makino, it made me re-discover an artist and songs that put you in a good mood when you listen to them, mostly in the morning :)
° see my name published, because I’ve written something I’m interested into: henna and makeup dupes :)
° taking my chance at a workshop, we’ll see how it will go
° write a lengthy vent-out, hoping it might draw people to ask themselves a question, not to have them change their minds along mine, but simply to ask themselves a question :)
° standing my ground
° have long boring to do list, but ticking away everything!
° BBC’s video-documentary on “When god was a girl” and a quirky day of coincidences about feminine goddesses (Cibele in this case), about Italia Turrita, etc.
° reading posts, forum and reviews, all interesting and informative
° hot pink shoes, polkadot stockings, blackberry perfume, to react to my freefalling blood pressure that I think is due to Bad-Weather-After-Three-Gorgeous-Almost-Spring-Like-Days
° Bonne Maman jams, dark chocolate, my grandma’s home made bread (when she was nine she used to go to the oven of the town with all the other women… well, you could tell from her bread that she still has the astounding experience!)
° “Conversation piece” by David Bowie in a gray rainy day
° Two Of A Kind Supplies, an etsy shop run by one of the most kind and helping people I’ve ever met while internet-shopping: she prepared a custom order for me, she shipped everything, she kept me informed through all the steps and when the Italian mail service lost my package she went way out of her way to help me and to recover any kind of info I could have needed… and after all this, even though loosing the package was absolutely not her fault, she refund my purchase. Where do you find people like her? Please hop over to her shop and give it a go, she’s absolutely a recommended seller!!!
° my new favourite expressione “Humble brag”, I like it XD
° my spring-propitiatory nail art to react to still gray and rainy weather
° drawing a monarch butterfy, I was never able to do it my entire life, using pencil, pen, highlighter, and nail polish (when you’re out of tippex you have to figure something out!)
° decide to say “Eff you!” rainy weather, and going out to run errands, walking, in my hot pink shoes, coloured and written umbrella, after the errands try on shoes and trinkets (try on only :P), find nice and helping and smiling people
° Vikings… with some Wardruna songs, yay!
° the hammam, tomorrow *_*
° mythological creatures


Today is the “international women day”, and like every year I like to point out that it is not a “Party” where you can “finally hang out with girl-friends”, so that you can behave like unctuous men*, it’s a moment to remember that all the violence on women, from history to this very day, have to end for good, that we still have a lot of work to do to grant equal rights and opportunities, since it’s still not universally clear that a woman is, first and foremost, a human being.
* this is a necessary clarification, ’cause I know that not all men are unctuous (and I’m lucky that I know more than one) but nonetheless there are some that are really unctuous. And let me say that if you have to wait for this one day a year to go out with your girl-friends or, even worse, if you have to wait for today to have your boyfriend “allow” you to go out… well, my friend, you need to set your priorities straight, but most of all RUN, NOW

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