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I think pessimism is an easy answer to things. To destroy is way simpler than to create. Moreover optimism doesn’t mean you have to think that the world is a playground for rainbow-coloured unicorns, it is recognizing that some things are going bad, though committing ourselves to change and make them better, it’s telling yourself “i can do it” even when it seems the opposite.

Now, I’m no optimism guru, I still slip in the dark and sticky pit of “to hell!”. But at least I try, and there are a couple of things you can do to lift from that pit.
Seen that this is not the moment to write my “100 and more stuff to do when you’re sad” list, I’ll leave you with two movies that make me feel more positive and active… if you still haven’t seen them, what are you waiting for???

First movie: “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” aka “Amélie”
Don’t you want to help people and join the strangest adventures you too? Or see the world with the garden gnome?

watch out for spoilers here, if you still haven’t seen it!

Second movie: “Yes man”, I love Jim Carrey when he’s in movies, being funny without relying only on his plastic face.
Most of all… saying yes to.every.single.thing.ever. It makes you want to go out, trust people and, again, join the strangest adventures.

Ok, maybe it’s just me, I may need to step out of my routine, anyway I insist: if everything looks black spend a couple of hours watching one of these movies… or both!
Then let me know 😉
And, if this was a different kind of blog now I could link you a polyvore set, inspired by these movies, with a list of “homeworks” for you to do… but I stand for freedom of choice, so why don’t you open your wardrobe, put on some clothes you think would look good on those sets and go out really doing something, instead of simply daydreaming of it? 😛

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9 thoughts on “Positive Movies

  1. Vale

    Io, la regina del pessimismo, apprezzo molto la frase "che ne dite piuttosto di aprire l'armadio, mettere qualcosa che vorreste vedere in un set e andare fuori a fare davvero qualcosa invece di immaginarlo e basta? :P". Brava!

  2. Marta

    Amélie è sempre Amélie, ma Yes Man mi manca! Per fare un pieno di ottimismo (che Dio solo sa quanto mi serva in questo periodo) mi fiderò del tuo consiglio e lo guarderò 😉

  3. Daniela

    Ciao Euforilla, ho visto entrambi i film che citi e devo dire che preferisco di gran lunga la cara Amelie a Jim Carrey, che comunque ti regala 2 orette di sano ottimismo.
    Sono “caduta” su questo post di un annetto fa e ne approfitto per consigliare anche io a te un film che trovo davvero molto carino e ottimista e che credo ti piacerà: Penelope. Chissà, magari lo hai già visto…ma, se così non fosse, ora non hai scuse ; )

    un saluto

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Sìììì!!! Penelope lo conosco, mi piace tantissimo! All’epoca in cui avevo scritto questo post ancora non l’avevo visto, ma effettivamente sarebbe da aggiungere… e poi mi piacciono anche un sacco costumi e scenografie, molto autunnale come film… quasi quasi uno di questi giorni me lo riguardo!

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