Removing cat pee stains and coming back to life

What a title, uh?
The thing is that I couldn’t get myself back to writing.
You know when you’re like “Yeah, if I do, that has to be grand!”, I can’t just write about cat pee…
I’m thinking about commited posts, and time committing posts, things to write soon, otherwise the right time will be over. But then again they’re long in the making. And translating.
Then I procrastinate.

But things being like so, I could as well write about cat pee.


Simon's Cat by Simon Tofield

Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield

Anyway, this is how it went: one day we flip over our livingroom carpet, instead of just bundling it up in a corner to clean the floor. And we spot a wonderful (should I say wonder-foul?) rose of at least five round stains.
That stinked like hell when smelled close.

What to do? The carpet’s bright green and my “Cleaning bible” says that bleach can’t help with cat pee… all there’s left is a trip to the laundry.

A costly trip to the laundry, that gives us back a still-stained carpet. The stink was vaguely gone.
But my grandma taught me that if it’s stained it can’t be really clean.

What to do? (again). You ask your catlady friend, who had (so far) at least seven cats and two dogs. That counts as being highly professional and reliable on the subject, in my book.
She says “use the steam gun and if it’s still not enough spray some delicate bleach and steam gun again”.

Wowee, it works!

Luckily I do own one of those steam machines, if you don’t, borrow it from someone or, better yet, get one, they’re not expensive and can save your life (most of all if you have pets… and then you can use it to clean your windows, to iron shirts quickly, to sanitize the bathroom… and on this one, let me tell you, we really needed to when we first moved in!!!).

Pour water, follow the instructions and, when the steam is ready, shot it as close to the fabric as possible.

Please note: cat pee, when rehydrated, stinks like it’s fresh. There will be toxic-like vapours. Therefore open the window before you start.

Let the moisture dry.

If the stain stil stays, spray some delicate bleach.
I had no way to spray it, so I dampened a cloth and used it to pat/blot the stained area.

Let it dry and then steam again.

Voilà, you did the carpet cleaning and it is like new!
For no bucks at all (except if you had to buy the steam thingy).

Well, that’s it, I wanted to share something useful and realise that, even though I’m using scraps of time, I can still blog, I still want to blog :)
And as soon as I’ll be dancing right to my new working rythm, I’ll be writing more!

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