On the nightstand – 17

Wednesday, lunatics’ day.
Post number 17.
Basically, anything goes to finally post something about books!
(I’m noticing a crowd of italian authors, why not?! ^_^)

I’ve recently recovered my taste for reading, well yes: spending daytime teaching classes, spending nighttime preparing those classes, well, it leaves your brain soft boiled and you really don’t fancy any more words. No matter how entertaining those might be.

But lately I’ve been reading some.
And here it is.
Yes ma’am!


La valle delle donne lupo, by Laura Pariani.
“The valley of the wolf-women”, I have no idea how I ended up knowing about this book, but it’s set on those mountains I go to once in a while. It’s a collection, made novel, of local oral tradition. About women, wolves, witches, lunatics, partisans and more. I got it at the library (or better: my super librarian got it in five minutes after I asked “Do you know if you have it?”), and I read it quite quickly. It’s a nice book, well made, interesting and I also liked how the author rendered the local accent, but the stories and the thoughts in them made me quite sad.

Per dieci minuti, by Chiara Gamberale.
“For ten minutes”, I needed to recover from the previous book, and this one hit the spot :) It’s the first book I read by this writer and I think I’ll read some more!

La mennulara, by Simonetta Agnello Hornby.
I’ll confess: if it weren’t for the tv show, I would have never picked up any of her books. But I would have been so wrong! I really liked it!

Catching the Big Fish, by David Lynch.
I remember shuffling through the pages of this book years ago, I was still attending University, my friend Spleen was reading it. And it made me curious back then… Finally I remembered about it and got it for myself, what to say now… I’ll use a tautology: Lynch is Lynch. You’re not going to discover all his truths or to turn into his same kind of “genious”, but it is entertaining and sheds some light here and there. And makes you want to try trascendental meditation. I need big fishes.

Tutto Ratman, n 49, by Leo Ortolani.
Rat-man is one of the best and silliest comic books I’ve ever read, and one day I had four hours to kill (after spending all night preparing classes for those hours) so I ran some errands and then decided that my brain needed a treat, so what’s best then Rat-man???

Writing Tools, by Roy Peter Clark.
My Christmas present from my husband, I’m going through this book little by little. After all it is indeed a toolbox. A very useful one: so, writing aficionados, get a copy if you don’t already have one!

No “classic of the month”, but from the beginning of the year I’ve been teaching, original language, from Hugo to Proust, am I excused?

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