Musa’s Box

The door creeks, it slices open.
So much dust in here…
I read the words “Last published” and to read what’s next I have to spell it out, underlining it with my finger like a first grader “a-pril the fir-st”. Aaaaapriiiil theee fiiiiirst.
I look at the writing. At the calendar. Back to the writing. Back to the calendar.

Who stole a month? Where did I leave it? Did I loose it? Why am I always so messy???

This blogpost has been sitting in the draft folder since april 3rd… and here I am, may 8th, completing it… oh well, you can’t say I had nothing to do in the meanwhile!!!


° our lab becoming usable again, thank you Ikea furniture, thank you high ceilings, let’s exploit height!
° our balcony all cleaned up with fresh, living plants ^^
° running a lot of errands, but being super efficientin doing so U_U
° saying things straight, it always feels nice :)
° nice lessons, because my students were adorable *_*
° suddenly having two spare hours, just when I needed them 😛
° roasted salmon fillets, and gnocchi with sauce U_U
° these uber-gorgeous days with sun, wind, warmth and blue sky *_*
° Easter holidays 😛
° sushi with my friends
° this video (Who? Me? Moved? Naaah… *sighs undercover*)

° then watching videos of deaf people hearing for the first time and thinking “Let them hear music!!!”, therefore listening to this:

° some personal makeover U_U to be able to plan outfits with no problems U_U these are deep thoughts indeed, uh?
° finding out asian and african shops in town and finding out they carry anything I might need for other japanese (or other) dishes
° thinking about what to bring over for Easter lunch, yum yum!
° my cat, all cuddly
° going through the last episodes from season 4 of Game Of Thrones, and teasing ourselves with their youtube channel
° mythological creatures

That was what was left in the drafts. Here’s the new one, with all the things I can think of from the past month!

° the weather getting better and better, untill it became the perfect weather
° with a small break of winter weather, that let me use our fireplace and cook something good in the oven
° perfecting my tiramisu recipe
° organic fruits and veggies home delivered *_* and also forcing me to be creative in the kitchen
° trying out kohlrabi, what a nice surprise!
° fancying some tzatziki
° night spent talking about serious and lightweight things with Sa
° our Stinkerbell recovering, twice… having learned how to properly give her injections, I’m not glad about the “sick cat” phase, but at least I’ve learned something useful… that actually worked, seeing her recover so quickly and so well was so nice! But most of all I’m grateful for our vets, they left nothing out!
° my niece starting to talk
° lunch breaks with my colleagues
° ends and duties becoming thinner
° a visit to Officinalia (and coming home with my usual hippie skirt)
° supportive texting with my friend Spleen
° beautiful news from my friend Icon
° using all these 7th grade nicknames and being absolutely unashamed by that
° this illustration/collage by Deko – Inkspinster
° good teas to give as gifts and to gift to myself as well U_U
° breakfast with fresh orange juice (with oranges from Calabria) toasted bread (with my homemade bread) and raspberry jam (storebought :P)
° inspirations
° poplar thingies floating in the air (one of the perks of not being allergic)
° House of Cards
° spending our anniversary in the place we got married
° perfumed roses from our neighbour’s garden
° watching videos of Mad Madam Mim scenes
° having more free time
° playing and laughing (to the point of tears) with my niece
° mythological creature *_*

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