Musa’s box

° the last working day in the first working place
° a very busy saturday

° new nickname, new avatar
° having everything ready for a wedding outfit
° makeup course, I’m really loving mineral products!
° clean brushes, ready to be used *_*
° pizza and chats till past midnight
° medieval/fantasy fair, taking ideas from the stands, green flower crown for me, birds of prey and most of all the David Bowie owlet U_U
° tons of freckles on my face
° the wonderful day it was
° my very own desk, my very own pc and an internet connection 😛
° a street that will ruin me in sale season
° fruit
° Camelot and Game of Thrones
° getting used to the office, the benefits, nice colleagues, responsibilities, adjusting the rythm, not giving up
° fancing someone “by skin” (as we say 😛 it means you immediately feel if you’ll get along with someone or not)
° “Panna e Cioccolato” ice cream
° good smelling people in the subway: soap, or cookies
° appointments to meet friends
° there’s nothing like talking to a “brother” 😉
° night’s plans that make the day fly by
° mythological creatures (in need of more pictures)

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