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It is friday… already???
Gee… how the time flies by! And I didn’t take notes! Come on memory, you can do it… (I’ll have an headache)
Siamo di già a venerdì?

Una foto pubblicata da Cristina (@euforilla) in data:

° this picture
° going to centertown on foot, on saturday night
° a well deserved rest during the weekend
° chili con carne
° keeping up with our pantry emptying menus
° nice and kind coworkers :)
° a supercuddly Stinkerbell
° nice sunny winter days
° and most of all visibly longer days
° yummy smoothies
° my niece, growing so fast (and having already a couple of “inner jokes”, more like inner games, but ehy, can’t complain!)
° grocery shopping when there are discounts on organic stuff
° Sa coming home early after rehearsal
° mythological creatures

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