Very summery Musa’s Box

Summer isn’t my favourite season, let’s say it ranks fourth place.
Ah, so subtle, uh?
I can’t stand the heat, I can’t stand the humidity and that heavy air that never seems to reach the bottom of your lungs, but most of all, all it takes is half a day of heat and I’m already deadly tired of being sweaty and sticky. I wash my hands like eighteenthousands times a day.
But most of all, what I don’t like is that strange feeling of being “suspended” that lingers in the air.
Ok, schools are out, but why do everyone (me included) feel the need to postpone things?
I mean, it’s just holidays, it’s not the Nothingness from the Neverending Story…

Maybe this heat makes me over-whiny…
Anyway, all this blahblahblah for introduction to try and explain, to myself mostly, how comes this blog is sleepy.

The blog’s heated, if it moves too much it sweats, it’s waiting for holidays, but most of all it’s waiting for the chilly air of september, that one that make you feel like you can do anything.

Anyway, let’s dive-bomb back in track, since this still is a list of nice, I’ll stop rambling and I’ll start with the bulletpoint list. Random, as they come to mind.


° cantaloupe, tomatos and peaches
° icecream
° basically, food that you can eat cold and raw (who wants to cook, anyway? Me… I did it the other day, when I had some turkey and zucchini to finish, so I cooked some couscous)
° long, light-filled days
° fuzzy bees working at my mint and oregano flowers
° night out, for gigs (From the Depth, Protest the Hero, Mandolin Brothers) and open cinema (Macbeth), and then when some fresh air and wind come blowing it all feels wonderful
° technologies such as electric fans and A/C
° sashimi dinner with friends
° online purchases for japanese food and absinthe
° my old yet useful posts
° tonight’s plans to try out a Korean restaurant
° keeping in touch with old friends
° flowy, maxi skirts, with tinkling sandals
° coconut oil
° ironic pages on Facebook
° some comic books borrowed from my friend Anna: thank you darling, they’re here, they’re fine, I promise to return them very soon 😛
° adding my playlist to my husband’s car 😛 taking over: you’re doing it well
° photos of my beautiful niece
° creative projects that can go on thanx to my friends ^_^
° my cat, sitting always in the coolest places
° mythological creatures

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