Musa’s Box

Thursday Musa’s box :)

° Risotto: invite some people over for dinner, to show them our Nook, finally be able to use my copper pot to make a lot of risotto. Making it good despite I could use no wine nor proper broth (ah, allergies…). Receive some nice bottles, chat all night, close the dinner with seven different mugs with seven different teas :)
° Invite grandma over for lunch, luckily having home already tidied up, a beautiful basket of flowers, a gift with a special date for wishing well, laughing
° Take advantage of some days with a car to pay some visits to places, and find out that internet stores have a wider assortment and better prices… therefore place some strategic orders 😀 I can’t wait to “do”!
° Use the way-too-many eggs we had to make a zucchini quiche and a chocolate cake (sooooooo good!) and then share all this with friends… then falling miserably asleep on the couch XD
° A quiet friday night on the couch, with a blanket, warmed up, in silence, reading like mad to finish “A clash of kings” and start “A storm of swords”
° Going out to the movies, being incredibly unlucky… ending up just having dinner and coming home early to have an herbal tea to get over the super heavy dinner!
° Monday afternoon spent going around, to visit a friend and look for hidden kitties (not found…), take advantage of the road I had to drive through to visit another friend, surprise at work ^_^
° Other thingies: breakfast together, Mr Faun’s vacation days, new episodes of our favourite series, closed litter with carbon filters for less than 10 euros, yeah, the sun peaking out sometimes, my mixed playlist, finally sewing a runner for our kitchen table, tonight and tomorrow night, organize a brunch for two, my Melina again mine for a couple of days, ideas in common, chances for seminaries and conferences, crossing fingers, an hour to get all made up as I wanted and a stunning result, projects for things to sew (at least four for now), some internet orders finally here, browsing through a friend’s makeup drawers (yes, drawers… many!), keyboard shortcuts
° Mythological creatures

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