Expectations dropout

We’re constantly bombed with the message “never give up”, belive and try ’till the end and yaddayaddayadda.

Basically, leaving something “undone” it’s almost a deadly sin.

Those who never heard things like “Oh yeah, that’s a college dropout” raise their hands.
As I suspected… The worse is when we say these things to ourselves.

Sometimes, though, dropping out things is wise: keeping up with something that’s going nowhere (be this “somewhere” a real place or a personal matter it’s irrelevant) is quite useless.
Most of all, as I gladly discovered first hand, if you drop out expectations.

Once again, the worst ones are the ones we build up for ourselves, on our own or projecting those we think others have on us.

You find yourself in a situation where if you’re doing something, and someone else knows, then you have to prove them that what you do has a positive feedback, it’s useful or at least gives you some value, you have to prove them you’re not waisting your time, you’re on the right path. Untill you feel like you have to do that something, untill you forget why you even started, untill you ask yourself if you’re doing it for you or for others.

If you’re at this point, just stop, abandon, drop out anything, I promise, I grant you, from my personal experience, that in the very moment your mind thinks, without feeling guilty at all, “Whatever, I quit”, the relief will be immediate… and sometimes the passion comes back stronger than before.

Try and see… then tell me how it was 😉

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4 thoughts on “Expectations dropout

  1. goddessinspired

    Pochi più di me, e lo sai bene, possono capire e apprezzare questo post… Una volta iniziato a mollare le aspettative (soprattutto le proprie, come dici giustissimamente) non si torna più indietro, e meno male, è tutta un’altra, bellissima storia! :)

  2. x Corrine/Frock & Roll x

    YES! Yes, yes, YES!

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, lovely. (And yes I’ll promise to swap dancing anecdotes with you! 😀 )

    I can’t stand when people criticize another person’s life choices/have expectations of how they should conduct themselves, but unfortunately they do, and always will. There is NOTHING wrong with quitting something that makes you unhappy!

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