Musa’s Box

List of nice from the past week. Where’s yours???


° being able to go running during a break from really bad weather
° going to sleep listening to the sound of thunderstorms outside ^^
° some online shopping, for everyone (helping out my mom, with Sa, going from clutches to vacuum cleaners XD)
° our Nook, all nice and tidy, cleaning up in a couple of hours because we’re working at it in a team of two ^^
° Clothilde knowing she’s been grounded U_U
° a huge bread loaf, so cool, so good, made by me
° Mulino Bianco lemon cake (reading “A song of Ice and Fire” I always imagined that Sansa’s favourite lemon cakes tasted like this one)
° a walk in the city and a “artisanal, frozen, fluffy” yogurt, with fresh raspberries!!!
° emptying my old bedroom at my parent’s place, it was weird but not entirely bad
° the fact that they managed to convey in GOT the same effect of Martin’s books: you hate a character with all your guts, but then in the turn of just three pages you find yourself thinking “Awww, he’s so nice after all!”
° going running with Sa, our “us” moment away from everything else, just for us, keeping healthy and being surrounded by nature… we managed to run x8minutes (twice). We rock and this program rocks even more!!!
° cooking different meals all the time because I’m sorting out what was in the freezer
° finding out that the badly needed garage restoring will be charged to the building and not to us only, yeah!!!
° a neighbour way too chatty, but really nice and helpful
° infographic brainstorming emails 😛
° lecturing myself on “social media strategies”
° a very unexpected phone call, I’ll wander into Magenta one day…
° a quiet, homely swap party, with plenty of tea, pastries and chatting
° my highily skilled Zen abilities… and the fact that it is friday!!!
° mythological creatures

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