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It’s this time of the week again! List stuff you loved from the past week, I can assure you that in time you’ll learn to notice and cherish small things in life, instead of only focusing on the heavy and boring and bad.
It works, I promise! Try it out 😉

° going home with Mr. Faun, who, by the way, comes to pick me up even if he has to cross a couple of regions
° a friday with normal time schedules
° spending saturday mounting furniture… and check on our work each thirty seconds giving kudos to ourselves
° chinese food
° the end of a couple of tv series… we have time for new ones!!!
° some hints for my job: good news!
° 2 years old turtle, soooooooooooooooooo tiny! It’s the one in the picture (but no, it’s not mine ;))
° chocolate mousse cake
° sunday lunch with my family, like the old times
° good pictures
° being able to enjoy moments
° driving through a street lined with trees, under a sprinkle of golden leaves and think “woooooooooooooow wonderful!” instead of “blah… autumn”
° going to work by train: the seat facing the opposite direction of the train, see horses and an hawk, waiting in a lazy chilly morning and enjoying it, and having a lot of time to read and to do some people-watching
° inspiring role-modelsfound into famous people
° spend a lot of time with Mr.Faun (every evening!)
° a tough week, spent chasing time… but it’s gone!
° bunny earrings, they rock! U_U
° Internet. And the idea of free (and for free) knowledge… I looked for “tzatziki” to “Queneau”
° The upcoming weekend, we have nice plans!

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