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Lately I’ve been realising that weeks pass by just because my “to do list” varies every day… wasn’t it for that, I’d thought that in the bat of an eye five days has gone by… All this to say that I didn’t take notes this time either 😛


° getting out of work half an hour earlier, it’s always a nice treat
° seeing that my method is spreading
° chili leftovers, yummy!
° sleeping in on sunday morning, staying under the warm blankets, taking all the time in the world to prepare the best breakfast ever *_*
° yoga + shower + smoothie, I’ve never felt more productive in the morning! (Plus I think that my smoothies are what kept me healthy, so far, from all the winter sicknesses going around, yay!)
° Lidl special offers (next week is asian, yay)
° office supplies and all the thingies to keep my work organized and to write better U_U
° a small shop that reminds me of a japanese convenience store ^^
° reading a lot about GMO, organic food, chemical components & so
° buying mango and blueberries at the supermarket, yes, I know, they are not seasonal, nor local, but I’m imagining how good they must be into my smoothies!
° a snowy day *_*
° my purplish/plum hair *_*
° our favourite tv series, on the couch, with a blanky and a hot cup of tea
° Stinkerbell rolling of the radiator, while sleeping… poor thing… but it was hilarious 😛
° mythological creatures

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