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Thankful list, once again, and it’s a pretty long one today! So, enjoy, and tell me yours!

° Mythological creatures
° writing this list
° noticing stuff to write in this list during the week
° keeping notes so I don’t forget stuff
° a fingerfood dinner
° smontare e rimontare la caldaia, mcgyver mi porta le scarpe!
° deconstruct and reconstruct the boiler, mcgyver thake this!
° tagliare i capelli, mi sembra di avere un caschetto, ma era tantissimo che non “cambiavo” un po’, anche se di poco ^_^
° hair cut, I feel like I have a bob (though I don’t), it has been so long since a “change”
° my hair, red, soft, shiny, healthy, I do love ’em ^_^
° sleeping so deep
° lie to me
° bath in a bathtub
° wearing pijama all day long
° massages
° falafel
° rave party fluo decorations
° virgin fruit drink
° 3 o’ clock hot snack
° sunny days
° wearing sunglasses again (the ones I bought in Avignon *_*)
° the smell of the rain
° wind
° our fantastic cinema card
° going to an almost empty cinema
° and stepping into someone you know
° “How to train your dragon” (and the “Terrible Terror” licking his eye)
° “ippadadini”
° the sheeps in the movie
° my herbal tea… more like a magic potion
° fixing everything with bureaucracies
° rehearsals ^_^
° a walk with my ladies
° first ice cream of the year (flavour: “I’m seven years old”)
° my brand new hippie skirt
° Easter poket money XD
° chocolate
° driving and walking at Nevermore’s rythm
° tomorrow’s friday
° VLC that now has a “setlist” instead of a “Playlist”
° metal covers of 80’s songs
° the chance to play almost every song we fancy up with
° anime in japanese with subtitles (in italian, english or spanish, anything’s fine!)
° that girl’s website, where she writes thank you notes to everything, from whipped cream-like clouds to ball point pens
° answers to my texts and mails, nice answers!
° last but not least, my Faun, always

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