Holiday Musa’s Box

I’m back! I think it’s nice to start over with a recap 😛


° finally being officially on holiday
° spending a new, different Christmas, but always loaded with relatives and good food
° eat a lot of those things you only eat once a year (aka: my granny’s paté and mascarpone cream)
° presents for my hobbies *_*
° organizing girls nights out, with herbal teas and chitchats
° seeing my brother and my sister in law, the last time was at our wedding!
° the Magic Labyrinth, it saved more than one afternoon
° gorgeous winter sunny days
° the snow, it’s bothering (and worrysome) to drive when it’s snowing, but it’s always oh so pretty *_* and when it crunches, iced, under your shoes *_*
° being able to manage the amount of food intake so that I’m not sick digesting, but I’m enjoying everything 😛
° herbal teas that wash you internally
° stolen moments, here and ther, spent at home, quietly, just us and the cat <3 ° feeling like I’m a new person: new hair cut, new hair colour, finally new contacts and also new shoes! ah! ° our long, quiet breakfasts, with yummy stuff but most of all with orange juices we made with the oranges from Calabria, soooo gooood! ° reclaiming my home, getting back on track with chores and the grocery shopping ° our now “traditional” stay-at-home new year’s eve: peculiar recipes to try out, movie, dessert and toast with home made cocktail ° chicken fricassee and croutons with cannellini beans, thank you Gordon Ramsay for your recipes!!! And yes, we are badasses enough to master them! U_U ° home made Nippon-like treat ° a home made japanese dinner, with my brother and my parents ° thinking about freshening up my detox program, maybe adding green smoothies and chlorella this time… ° but most of all: doing yoga again ° taking some time to myself, to wander through the bookshop, to pick a book that makes me want to read again, that makes me fall in love with reading again, a book that must be written for the pleasure of telling a story, letting myself be attracted to titles and covers, in a shallow mindset, then reading the brieg, maybe the first page, taking all the time it needs to pick the perfect book, with the voice of Fiorella Mannoia in the background… it was a very good moment :)
° taking a walk under the cold sun
° “Dimentica il mio nome” great little masterpiece by Zerocalcare
° a full moon night, eve of the Epiphany, the night where the Chrone closes the 12 nights after the solstice, five women sitting in a circle… around a table with pizza, sweets, chocolates, laughing out loud, drinking home made liquors, exchanging opinions about beauty products and thriftstores, chatting for hours <3 lovely! ° starting off the morning (and my detox program) with quite a stiff Sun salutation and my first smoothie: orange, carrot, ginger and a fresh date to sweeten up. Gritty but not that bad :)
° My second smoothie: orange, a piece of cucumber, peach and grape juice, and a spoon of cinnamon. Waaaay better!
° Sun salutation with a pink sky out of the window
° mythological creatures

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