Musa’s Box

Belated box!!!

By Goog at Deviantart

By Goog at Deviantart

° finding a place we visited during our honeymoon, thanx to the streetviewer of googlemaps *_*
° my best smoothie yet: orange, apple, apple juice and cinnamon
° a week so packed, it flies by without even realizing it
° a small, genuine moment of “Ehy! I like my job, I really do!!!”
° aka when you see that little light turning on into the eyes of your student when they really “get” something, and they start to *think*
° chlorella spplement tablets, finally in my pantry
° a belated but very appreciated christmas present *_*
° Sun Salutation every morning, I am already experiencing the benefits of this practice!
° finding a seat on my long bus commute
° an afternoon spent with my mom, it was since before Christmas we didn’t spend some time together
° my new terracotta pot *_* The old one broke :(
° “In the mouth of madness” by Carpenter, that’s how you do horror movies *_*
° still having no clues about how my work week will be like, I need some pieces to complete the puzzle… but that’s alright, it’s healthy to change up the routine!
° being able to talk about anything, any!, with Sa :)
° our list of recipes to empty our fridge and pantry
° a cuddly Stinkerbell
° Mythological creatures

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