Musa’s Box

It’s thursday again! Which means tomorrow’s friday! Cheer up, the weekend is near!
Oh, if you keep a list and you post it somewhere, will you leave me a link? I’m curious!

° dark chocolate
° sms
° interesting articles (sometimes it happens :P)
° knowing some things before they get published
° Santa Claus’ Village at “Viridea” (a shop), I know it’s still to early for christmas, but they set it up sooooooo nice!!!
° start shopping for my party
° a slightly alternative weekend, with families and relax
° eyedrops, when your eyes are so dry they burn
° washing your hair: the little massage, perfumed products… feels good!
° baker’s pizza
° café topics
° learn to play Rummy
° going to the market after a long time (and finding real bargains U_U)
° massages
° steampunk bands
° Ubuntu, it restored itself *_* (on saturday my pc wouldn’t boot, so thanks to Mr.Faun providential help we managed to start it in reboot mode, all my folders were where I left them, and before restarting my pc fixed the damaged files on its own *_* isn’t it great???)
° 1200den leggings (and 1200 isn’t just a big number to say that they’re thick, but they’re really 1200!)
° challenging Mr. Faun with Worms Armageddon
° Doctor Walter Bishop and Capitan Jim Brass… they’re all we’ve left
° my friends, because when I go raving about something “steampunk” they go “wow, cool!” and not “steenwhat?”
° mittens: they make my hands look goofy and funny
° a guy on the train, he was watching The Big Bang Theory on his laptop XD
° polka dot socks, I’ve never realised how cute polka dots are!
° a sunny day, with blue sky, among grey and rainy days
° special weapons in Hedgewars
° tomorrow’s friday and I’m leaving for Madrid!
° time-lined emails
° reading articles (thanks go to my job!) that say that has been proved that being positive and keeping lists of things you’re grateful for makes you live longer and healthier
° chats with Mr. Faun in the car
° Mr. Faun and our aristocratic and mythological names U_U

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2 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. Marta

    Questa me l'ero persa, ma ci sono due menzioni speciali anche per me:
    – Il Dott. Walter Bishop è da portare sempre con sè…ma solo se viene insieme a Gene XD
    – Il tizio che guarda TBBT in treno…mi sarei messa di fianco a lui per sbirciare il monitor! 😛

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