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Sometime a reminder is good, for those who are new around here, for those stumbling randomly here, for those of you who needed the reminder: once a week I pen a list of things I’m grateful for, to remember always that, despite some things, I have absolutely nothing to complain about :)
And of course links to your lists, comments with your lists and so one are more than welcome ^^

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° the first weekend of september in Pavia: european stall market, local fair for the river Ticino, fireworks, my city finally filled up with people and life, stall markets everywhere, great food to taste, walking endlessly all around, being with friends… loved it all :)
° local greengrocers market, yay for royal gala apples :)
° managing to make a wonderful whole wheat dried figs&nuts bread at my second tryout (with cheese it’s great!)
° realizing that, despite one year stop, the months of training we had really made a difference: running, now, it’s not a daunting task anymore
° being my own secretary, in one morning I planned so many things I had to… it’s so nice to get rid of these thoughts in a whim!
° lunches with friends ^_^
° blueberry tea (dropping the jar on the floor, scooping up what was left, showing the mess -with a terribly sorry face- to Sa, who immediatly answers “Put on your shoes, we’re going to buy it at the stall market”)
° feeling hyperactive and productive
° sleeping in

° the perfect weather for tea
° smart and local purchases… I had my end-of-summer “harvest”, some autumn stock up 😛
° red nails (it has to be done sometimes)
° sushiiiii *_*
° crisp air and blue sky
° Clothilde keeping me company almost always
° posting my experience with the blood donation :)
° writing
° mythological creatures

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