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Last list before christmas… on a sunday because we’ve already started the Christmas Waltz here: friendsrelativeskisseslet’smeetforcoffeeandgreetings.
So don’t expect one other list on friday 26… Euforilla takes some holidays! I’ll be back I guess in January (unless I get bored)… after all I think we’ll all need some time off to process the Christmas lunch 😛


° going out for dinner with my husband U_U ahaha saying so makes me feel old 😛
° some anti-jinx mojo, once in a while it’s fun!
° Jackson Galaxy’s videos on cats
° playing with Stinkerbell untill she drops dead tired on the carpet
° tidying up desk and lab, at least we can enter now!
° lunches made of sandwiches and chats
° full, busy days and finally lazy days 😀
° waiting for a few holidays to spend together ^_^
° planning DIY projects and Ikea trips for said DIY projects muhuhahahaha
° watch Junior Masterchef… I like it, it’s fun :p (and it makes me feel clumsy… I have never cooked for 60 people, maybe if you sum them all up… but… I’m 29, not 8yo!)
° leaps of faith… with a good outcome! 😀
° realizing I like my life just the way it is, despite everything else
° another donation ready in the making
° my new shoes, 90’s you got to me, ah you!
° my niece coming to me to be tickled
° chocolate&pear pie with the Transient Moose (and tea and company ^_^)
° squeaky clean and perfumed home
° mythological creatures

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