Musa’s box

° remebering to breathe iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin breathe oooooooooouuuuuuut, most of all when everything seems to be falling apart
° transforming -finally- my nds into an ebook reader
° theather classes and the thousands of chances they bring
° this and this, please watch and read
° surprising Mr. Faun
° Garden State
° giving really loved presents
° soy noodles with veggies… and neighbour’s beer
° hang out with friends
° being warm
° polka dotted socks
° my semiserious guideto style, I like how it’s going!
° try, attempt, the simple thought of being able to that unlocks stiff points
° lunch at my grandma’s
° Black Swan
° cinema card (I’ll sound like a commercial, but: it’s cheap and you don’t queue!!! yay)
° henna (finally)
° calming down, and taking time
° going to sleep early
° already noticing positive stuff from exercising
° light till six in the evening
° raising temperatures outside
° painting my nails
Have you signed in my giveaway? Tuesday I’m going to announce the winner ^_^

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