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° good food, let me say it: when your mouth and stomach are satisfied, everything else looks better!
° a quiet friday
° our favourite tv series
° Pochie
° Bologna, I’ve seen little of it, but what I’ve seen was very good (and very good food!)
° snowy mountains, and heavy and thick snowings
° angel in the snow
° taking pictures of the snow
° crepes
° Four rooms, and of course Tim Roth
° unplugging for five straight days, with the idea of going back to work for only two days before weekend!
° cheesy puffs
° ’80s songs
° thick stockings
° Ubuntu fixing itself (I’ll be upgrading it soon to the maverick meercat)
° blogspot deleting spam comments on its own
° writing, it’s always good
° blog with comic strips
° chatting on emesene and collecting emoticons
° wearing heels
° taking heels off
° phantom trains
° a sunny and windy day, with super clear air
° a friday-day-off!!!
° Mr. Faun, every time more mythological

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