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It’s friday!
It’s friday already? I didn’t take any notes! Yikes! Please, memory, don’t fail me now!

Una foto pubblicata da Cristina (@euforilla) in data:

° Sa on holiday for a few days
° home made soupe à l’oignon, finally, and quite a good experiment for this cold winter days
° truffle toma
° a sunday spent in Parma, and it was sunny!!!
° being done picking and packing christmas presents in a couple of days, yeah!
° quite the busy week, but it went by pretty quickly ^_^
° chocolate and pear pie
° the first chilly days, red nose, hands plunged into the roasted chestnuts bag (therefore playing a smoke spitting dragon between the hotness of the chestnuts and the coldness of the air :P)
° Christmas coming fast ^_^
° the tree and the presents dressed and wrapped with the right music background
° a pink dawn over the buildings, and a fiery sunset at the end of the road to the river, between christmas lights
° mythological creatures

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