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Maple Leaf Dragon – by CS-Illustration (print available by clicking on the image)

° a quiet home-y weekend
° spanish dinner with home made tapas, and topped off with crema catalana
° home made chocolate rice crispy, I have to make it again!
° a very productive monday
° home made okonomiyaki, another recipe to make again!
° the sound of rain
° the tree lined road that leads to my friends house in the woods, such gorgeous colours despite the grey sky, feeling better as soon as I watched it
° an afternoon of studying, chattng, knitting, “bicerin” tea (typical from Turin) and chocolate and pears cake, furry friends
° a very good friend 😉
° Pushing Daisies and Bunheads
° trying out another recipe, this time it’s iranian, it needs some tweaking (and “pomegranade concentrate”) but it’s already not that bad!
° planning a trip to Ikea, we just need a couple of things…
° the little shelves in the shower, so nice!
° “golden hour” and the tree lined avenue that leads home, finally in a sunny day
° feeling productive
° programmes for this weekend
° Clothilde, my kittycat, finally reaching the proper weight (and maybe some more? Her butt is so bony :P)
° mythological creatures

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