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Two weeks long list, ehy, I’ve been busy! 😛

Una foto pubblicata da Cristina (@euforilla) in data:

° a very chillout friday night
° From The Depth live in Parma, a very nice vibe ^_^ (and frenchfries, and an amaro before going away)
° the morning after breakfast
° pizza and The Wolf of Wallstreet
° making ramen from scratch, eggs included
° Stinkerbell who finally got back to the weight she was supposed to be
° recycling leftover noodles from ramen in an impromptu yakisoba
° an afternoon in Milan with friends, a good tea, a very good pie, asian market (stocking up on japanese ingredients for future recipes) Kathay I lubs u
° a gorgeous autumn sunny day
° chattingon the train (with “Juicy news”, I can assure you that starting off your sentences like that will ensure all ears on you, ahahahaha)
° mushrooms, chestnuts, grapes, autumn-y things!
° japanese white pepper, so citrusy!
° a veeeeery jammed friday
° Laputa’s OST
° depp cleaning home, two it’s a very fast team, fixing a couple of things that needed fixing in the bathroom, now it looks like a new room!
° a merry unbirthday with sushi and gipsy jazz, a birthday with three cakes and Hunger Games (yes, I do realize the irony in saying three cakes and then *hunger*, but hey, I didn’t make the title up!)
° very nice presents, there is a plus in growing older: people really know you and gets presents right (pijamas, socks, flowery foam baths, books, movies, Amazon giftcards, aaaaaall spot on!)
° popcorns!
° making an actual ebi yakisoba from scratch (sauteed noodles with shrimps and veggies, japanese style!)
° now, since my birthday is officially over, you all shall be allowed to think about Christmas, ok? 😛
° very quick dinners, thanx to the freezer!
° my amazon order (with both decks by Froud) being shipped!
° the Whittard giftbox with mug, tea and silver infuser, Mad Tea Party edition, with Alice, Mad Hatter, March Hare and even the Dormouse!
° Stinkerbell learning not to meow like an obsess when food’s coming (I have to wait for her to be quiet before moving, and sometimes I just stand still in the middle of the kitchen with a food bowl in my hand… but for silence, this and more!)
° my husband
° mythological creatures!

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