(Italiano) Scatola Musa



Benvenuto ottobre! Welcome october!

° learning how to filet some fish. Randomly, one night, at my parent’s, thanx to their german guest
° yaki onigiri, soooooo yummy!
° a wonderful walk in the park, discovering new sides of it, exiting in a marvellous neighbourhood we didn’t know about… wanting so bad to go live there XD
° herbal tea, and nutella on bread
° freshly washed curtains, hanging to dry on their rod, making the house smell like fresh lavender
° the silence in the house, lately. I don’t know if all the neighbours went to hibernation, but I like it
° Focus Writer <3
° going to the perfume shop, sniffing on bottles like a decadent and spoilt lady from the 19th century
° risotto and cookies and chat with my wonderful friends ^_^
° getting into philosophy and psychology books, finding plenty of travel tickets in my pockets and bags… I find it funny when the horoscope sometimes matches reality (yay for the eternal student and travellusted Sagittarius :P)
° homemade chili con carne to put in tacos, yumy yummy dinner (thanx to my mom for the recipe)
° instant ginseng coffee, it’s been fueling these past few days
° mythological creatures

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