Musa’s Box

Today I find it hard to write this list, not just because my friday started by putting salt in my fruit breakfast… On the contrary, maybe I put salt in my breakfast because I’m thinking about my Stinkerbell who needs to loose a kidney, basically she’s not well and it makes me sad.
But isn’t it that we need to focus on small, happy little things more when we’re sad?

So let’s roll!

I've got the world's coolest office stationery <3 I’ve got the world’s coolest office stationery <3[/caption] ° a quiet sunday ° a week filled up to the brim, mischief managed! ° dinner with friends in a new sri lankan restaurant ° a couple of new bikinis, because my old ones grew small or just fell apart ° a renewed will to make jewellery ° my students, passing their exams ° very very good cherries ° a very cuddy Stinkerbell ° and the fact that she might indeed get better after surgery (I trust my vets) ° coffee break with a colleague, and chatting a lot ° a gift of AriZona teas, in glass bottles ° art nouveau ° finding an old font I really loved (it’s “Garden display caps” if you were wondering :) )
° mythological creatures

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