Musa’s box

° Christmas toasts! (the drinking ones)
° phone calls you take by chance or by destiny
° finishing lacing your combats at the train station, ’cause you literally ran out of home!
° the paycheck coming in earlier
° giftgiving with Mr. Faun (even though the controller needs fixing)
° crossing off things, from my “to do” list, before noon
° having breakfast with my brother
° Christmas, maybe by evening it’s too much, but I really enjoy sitting at a table with tons of relatives, with such a noise because everybody is talking about everything with everybody, eating super-good food made even more special because we eat those things only once a year, people falling asleep on any available couch, playing with the youngest in the family (that kicks my a** in New Super Mario), hiding in a quiet room to call hundreds and thousands of km from here, after-lunch herbal teas, the weather being not so cold, unwrapping presents all together, in a nutshell: Christmas!
° going back home and being able to relax (as you can see I appreciate everything :P)
° Art Academy
° new adds on New Super Mario Bros (I remeber the Mario made with huge pixels, like school squared notebooks!)
° Can I be venial and say that I enjoyed receiving some pocket money?
° be a foreteller: I knew that somethings were just words, and fortunately I walked on my own (it’s criptic, I know, but it’s how it goes)
° looking forward for a new start, a new year, it will be even better than this one!
° my green plants on my desk
° null days at work, that let us chat a lot, let me go home earlier and eat pandoro with my co-workers!
° girls-only night out, chatting till one o clock
° the waiter being all nice with one of my ladies 😀
° my Harry Potter collection box, original language, it’s on its way here, by tomorrow
° and this video
° Mr Faun finally coming back here with me
° mythological creatures

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