Musa’s box

° a really really quiet weekend
° icecream and blueberries… tons of it!
° good news, even though they’re not that good, they’re better than nothing
° to write, to write, to write… to spit it, to use it like Dumbledore’s pensieve
° on this note: tonight I’m going to see Harry Potter *_*
° and saturday I’m going to Gardaland!
° emails to friends I haven’t heard from in a while
° open letters on other blogs
° devouring books on books
° summer rains, refreshing everything and bringing lovely blue skyes (it’s this blue only in april and maybe in december if we’re lucky)
° sleeping when you need it, and when outside is cold
° mosquito net on my bed: hearing the mosquito going crazy because it cannot come closer made my… night!
° I spent monday morning blogging… and I’m paid for it!!!
° my bento, way too cute, holds too much food!
° lunch with bakery goods
° the first boxes
° people watching in the square, while eating a kebab
° ginger beer (it’s a soda) from an african store: way too good!!!
° Ikea’s catalogue part with all the sizes and types of bookshelves and tables and so on, very nerd, very beautiful!
° update this blog during lunchbreak!
° Mythological creatures

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