Springtime praise

I always say you have to celebrate what you already have, instead of getting sad for what you don’t have…

But this time I’m making an exception and I’m writing a praise to spring, hoping it calls it it earlier…

I want blue skies and warm sun, going around with just a sweater, sitting on dry, lukewarm grass, hear birds chirping, eat ice cream, keep our windows ajar, turn off the heating, polka dots, pastels, coloured chocolate eggs, coloured fruits and vegetables, strawberries, peaches, sit at a table outside in the square, peach iced tea, laughing at night, starry skies, hugs without all those stuffed layers, hands held without gloves in between, skin on skin, the smell of flowers, daisies everywhere, baby green leaves, see ducks swimming in a row with ducklings behind, longer days, spiced teas, blankets used more for cozy-ness than for warmth, a light pullover used only by night when it chills down a little bit, shiny flats, fruit juices, cakes, maybe a barbecue in the gaden, a lot of tinkling bangles, feeling the air wider, liquid, I want to open all the windows at home for hours, I even want to wash those same windows, I want to dig in the dirt of my vases, plant seeds, water, use my herbs to cook, I want mixed and colourful salads, long walks and sunsets that come always later.

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