Spirituality for Atheists

This spring I realized I was missing something to have a complete calm mind, and I understood it was something spiritual I was missing.
I’m an atheist, I really can’t believe in some kind of uber-human entity etc etc.

But I see how respect for life and nature and their rythms can have a “sacred” thing to them, how there can be something like a collective unconscious or at least some common archetypes with which we’ll all have to deal with. Most of all I see the importance to take care of these things for matters of personal serenity.

Now, how can spirituality for an atheist be? (Very different from religion which, to me, not only stands for a codified and recognized system of beliefs and uses, but also for something much more close to the original meaning: being tied to something, re-ligo… brrr).

To me spirituality means stopping for a moment and asking myself questions about where I want to go in life, means being happy because I have a home and food to eat, taking care of my creativity or at least of what makes me feel good with myself and the others, living in harmony with the things of the world. And how do you do that?

  1. Taking fice minutes a day to really ask yourselves “Everything’s fine?”
  2. Make personal projects and try to follow through
  3. Giving yourselves goals and reaching them
  4. An hour a week to take care but of yourselves and what you love to do
  5. Light a candle and/or an incense
  6. Paint, cook, write, sew, create something, sculpt, sing, play music, dance, learn Gimp
  7. Do something creative
  8. Throw away things that don’t make you feel good
  9. Giving yourselves the chance to live your feelings and deal with them
  10. Tell people what you feel
  11. Say no when you can’t do it
  12. Make a vision board
  13. Keep an hippie blog 😛 trying to help others a little :)
  14. Learn to respect yourselves
  15. Meditate, visualize, radicate, centrate
  16. Do yoga… or kick boxing
  17. Running in the park
  18. Watch the fog
  19. Keep silent
  20. Drive for the sake of it, alone, with no direction
  21. Talk to yourselves, out loud
  22. Tidying up stuff and priorities
  23. Read a book
  24. Read philosophy
  25. Discuss world systems
  26. Question yourselves about the depths of the Universe or just stare at the stars
  27. Walk in the mist, scrunching leaves
  28. Pet an animal
  29. Play
  30. Make love
  31. Have dinner with friends
  32. Go to the movies, to the theatre or to a museum
  33. Cultivate your culture and your tastes
  34. Update your mp3 reader
  35. Listen to new music
  36. Make donations to scientific research
  37. Repeat a self-written mantra or prayer
  38. Organizing something for a cause you trust
  39. Watch your eating habits
  40. Do some sport
  41. Trust your sixth sense
  42. Being with people and confront them
  43. Asking yourselves deep questions and find your own answers
  44. Dive in an ice cold river or float in the sea
  45. Walk in the woods or in a field and pick up pebbles, fruits, roots, flowers, herbs…
  46. Collect something
  47. Play snowballs or sand castles
  48. Sunbathe
  49. Howl the full moon
  50. Enjoy the wind
  51. Eat local and seasonal

I’m not saying you have to do them all, I don’t, but just one of these can make the difference and help to feel better :) If you pay attention, in the end are but ways to keep up, physically and mentally, acts of love towards yourselves, a little bit more of attention to creative let outs etc… Nothing complicated. They might seem shallow, but to me it’s not.

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4 thoughts on “Spirituality for Atheists

  1. Mari

    Bello il tuo elenco….. tutte cose che accentuano il tuo VIVERE….
    Comunque molti confondono l’essere atei con l’essere agnostici….. io sono la seconda per esempio, cioè credo che ci sia una qualche entità ma non posso pronunciarmi fino a che non la vedrò e mi formerò una mia opinione… e tu invece?

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