Musa’s Box

° spotting one of your favourite songs in some random tv serial
° chat a lot with my brother
° thunderstorm
° watch an anime together, 1300km away
° eat healthy
° play connecting two nds
° doing all the tasks on your to do list
° unleashing the nerds in us
° the scion putting out roots
° blanche and rousse de brabant, I like these beers!
° water pig and wheeled hund
° driving! and TomTom 😛
° home made happy hour
° sunny day after a lot of rainy days
° picture worthy skies
° being with my faun (finally)
° the other ending in the first Death Note rewrite, THAT’S an ending!!!
° try out WordPress (just you wait and see ;))
° sleep tight in the morning
° play with Melina (my doggy)
° learn new hand stitches to sew the hem of a tricky skirt
° writing a lot for future posts (projects? interior decor? style? DIY? tutorials? I’ve got it all)
° keep searching
° mushroom pizza
° don’t know why so sudden, maybe it was for my granny’s fabrics, but I like peacocks this week. Ok, I’e just googled, and except the usual meaning of vanity, it used to be symbol of rebirth, like the phoenix. Then, in various cultures, we have beauty, royalty, it chases demons, eternal love, peace, joy of living, self esteem, wholeness. And I’ve just discovered it’s my Maya horoscope sign! Linked to topaz and Antares. Does it means something?
° mythological creatures

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