Musa’s Box

New list! A virtual box where I keep all the little treasures that life gifts me with every day :)


° my brand new red skirt *_*
° our Nook, all scrubbed clean, smelling good, with open windows, roses on the fireplace, the smell of wind, the chirping birds, and Clothilde sleeping on our bed, making no messes
° ebay, I’m so grateful to its inventor!!!
° Kiko, opening a new store in Pavia just in time to let me get my “one million fans” nailpolish (red laque, very 40’s, will look great with my red skirt… am I obsessing over this color lately? Maybe it’s time I dye my hair again with henna!)
° a sunny weekend with wonderful temperatures
° the grocery shop downstairs, luckily it was open on sunday morning (to get eggs to make pierogi)
° almost 200 home made pierogi, with my friend Chiara
° a walk beneath the trees (I’m a Town Mouse by now, I’m happy with little things), the polish house, the frogs, the flowers
° tuna and onions pizza
° being finally able to give Lanterna the ring I was planning on crafting, in my head, since November more or less
° “It’s hard to be an introverted gal in an oversharer’s world”
° my page with dried flowers in my notebook, the roses on the fireplace, the spiraly candle holder, hopping frogs, butterflies, yellow daffodils, field flowers, wild hops, nettles, the smell of blackthorne and hawthorne and magnolia, recall the names of forsythias, incense, basically: spring
° pierogi ruski, Sa going to the supermarket just to get bacon to cook a sauce for pierogi, they turned out sooo gooood!
° testing home made shampoo with chickpea flour, in a couple of weeks I’ll let you know how is it
° the first icecream of the season (violet and dark chocolate) therefore turning our “thursday teas” into “thursday walks”
° the “measuring evening” and planning a “makeup evening”
° mythological creatures

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    1. Euforilla Post author

      Il nomignolo che abbiamo dato al negozietto di alimentari sotto casa, perché “Spaghetteria, vineria, gastronomia, alimentari, aperto tutti i giorni” era troppo lungo da ricordare ogni volta 😀

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