Musa’s Box

October the eight. Eight of October. Already???
You’re saying that I have two months of boxes to make up for???

hello october

° microtourism holidays (I’ll explain better in a next post 😉 )
° a summer quite kind, regarding weather
° the balcony from wich to behold the seastorm *_*
° taking one picture a day, of the best moment
° breakfast with cappuccino and cannolo
° coming back home, stepping on the scale, and finding out, quite unexpectedly, that I had lost half a kilo o_O while I thought I gained like five, shoot, I could have had one more cannolo!!!
° an infinite list of things to do in september… and checking it all off!
° a wonderful beginning of autumn
° the beautiful colours of the trees lined lane, near home
° a horse chestnut in the pocket, as tradition wants it
° closed windows and blankets
° our cat, jumping on our laps on purpose
° being able to properly cook again
° prooving my cousin how effective henna is on hair
° dinner with friends, three or thirty doesn’t matter
° going at Primark with my mom and my “aunts”
° going at Ikea with my aunt, my grandma and Zoe (my aunt’s dog 😉 )
° a super low cost trip to Madrid
° my new, wonderful niece (and as I wrote to my friends, “Oops, I guess I’ve developed some oxytocin”)
° changing out my wardrobe and thinking of some outfits I’d like to try
° Sa playing live in a “new”, very nice place!
° lunch with the band 😛
° souvenirs from Madrid: four recipes I’d like to try
° my parents that are basically on an “erasmus” of sorts, at sixty, this is how you grow old without growing old!!!
° writing this list with Puzzina spread over my arms, purring
° blue sky, green-yellow-red-brown leaves, fog steaming up from the channel
° tea cups, herbal tea cups, warm milk cups
° ink tampon stamps, what a wonderful thing
° discounted stuff in the “DIY” area of the shop
° plans for weekends to come, up till november
° a self esteem injection, by a person I really admire, showing me some appreciation
° the chance that a daytime bird of prey is living around these urban areas *_*
° boba tea in china town
° inviting friends over for dinner, ordering indian food delivery, always opening the door in my pijama, oh yeah
° Netflix
° coconut oil, aleppo soap, and rose water
° anti-slipping thingy underneath my carpets
° Marie Kondo’s way to store away clothes, everything fits *_* (I have a small closet)
° bullet journaling
° an ebook reader stuffed with books
° and, last but not least, of course and always, mythological creatures

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