Musa’s Box

° a goose named Erpidio (Herpeedeeoh, this is for you Millis)
° typos, I make tons!
° feeling a new obsession begin
° The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, a really nice movie!!! And it was ages I didn’t go to the cinema
° seeing my friends back from holidays
° sewing, even though I constantly argue with my sewing machine, in the end I really love sewing!
° erasing a lot of things out of my “to do list”
° spend an entire week with my faun
° back massages that put you back in shape
° CSI miniatures
° henna, on my hair, finally!
° taking picture of my finished projects
° always having new ones to do (and to add to my partially erased lists)
° sleeping with a blanket and going around in a tank top
° taking Mela for an almost quiet walk
° stars: the shape, the shine, the symbol, the metaphore
° quirky playlist on stereomood
° teal, petrol green, turquoise, spring, jade, emerald, minty and pine green. Can I call it peacock green?
° organize an alternative and special celebration
° mythological creatures

What made you smile and giggle this past week?
Oh, and from today we have a “like” button (up, right, there!) from facebook, I know… it happens 😉

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