My Tarot deck collection

Well yes, I do read tarot cards.
For fun, it’s been years now (I used to take them with me at school and read cards for my classmates at recess…).
Of course it’s not just about “reading”, the thing is I have quite a small collection.


Now, before you take me to a mental asylum, maybe I should tell you how I see it!

You can’t read future or such… I like the history behind tarot decks, the symbology, the metaphores, the artists who reinterpret the thing their way.
I think tarot cards are a creative tool and an itrospection aid.

Let’s face it, if I could read the future with cards, I would have won the lottery a couple of times, but my laptop is seven years old and has been patched up more than Frankenstein.

Are you familiar with “Story Cubes”? Dices with drawings on each face, you toss them and you tell a story inspired by the drawings you see.
There, tarot cards aren’t much different to me.

Your spy story is stuck? Pick a card!
You don’t know what comeback to give to that annoying coworker? Pick a card!

The creative solution can be really useful, or it can offer a valid insight. Or you can just have fun at parties!
Who knows, maybe I’ll grow into an old catlady going to bohemian cafes to round up my pension, you never know, it’s good to have a plan Z in life!

Anyway I’ve developed, by now, a sort of addiction to tarot decks, yes, the same one that makes you say “This deck is pretty stern, this one is rather more chatty, this one is always nice to everyone”.
So, little by little, you’ll meet them all 😛

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