I’m not here to tell you how this character was meant to be in another videogame but ended up, due to it’s success, in Super Mario.

I’m here as aunt Euforilla: my referrer list, that super useful tool that tells me who arrives and how on Profession Muse, told me that many times people ended here looking for “being shy with girls”.

Main thing is: what I write about shyness is unisex, but I admit that this blog has a peculiar feminine allure.

So to patch things up here I am, dear kids, consider me your bug into hostile territory (but it is not hostile at all, and maybe this is one of the first things you have to understand).

Since you’re men and you don’t like frills and lace I’ll sum things up in a pragmatical list, ok?

Rule #1) There is no, alas, manual that tells you what to do (forget all that crap on men magazines, ok?), there is no general rule for femalekind, maybe some generalization is possible, but I’d hardly trust it. So would you mind if we start from the premise that a “girl” is first and foremost a “person”?

#2) We’re down to start from you: have you ever wondered why that nice blondie you’re interested into seems so cynical and cruel? Or, why are you “scared”?
More, I bet you’ve already prepared your personal “worst case possible” movie. Good, now I want you to film the opposite: remember that everything is always 50/50, what may go bad, may also go well!

#3) If all talks about shyness (mine, the ones you read around, the ones you hear from your friends) still haven’t done their job (because they will be effective on you only when you truly want them to) you can try with physical activity, I know it’s hard, now it’s cold outside, you sweat, it’s a pain in the a**… but, other than a gain in health, and a further gain in looks (let’s get this straight: it helps at least a little in these cases), it also helps building self esteem and self awareness, that is: exactly what you’re looking for right now!

#4) Last but not least, maybe the very reason why I’ve started writing all this: what if the blondie actually laughs at you, steps brutally on your feelings, spit in your eye and call you a looser of a rat… would you really keep contacts with such a bitch? I mean… I don’t care how beautiful and blonde she is, don’t get stuck with Miss Acidity, the world is full with ladies that are dealing with the same shyness issues, the same curious questions about you. See rule #1: we are persons, so we’re likely (we can’t be that general and completely exclude the “jerks” cathegory, from any kind of people we’re dealing with) far from the idea of hurting someone, just because.

You don’t need to serenade her with flowers and chocolates, just throw a suggestion here and there, some small compliment: if she wants to hear them… ūüėČ

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