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Today it’s impossible to aknowledge that it’s st valentine’s day. Even though I’m always willing to pick any valid excuse to celebrate and party, I gladly skip st valentine’s. But we might take this chance to show some love to ourselves. Like, writing a list of nice things that remind you how much you love your life, despite any nastiness 😉

grumpy cat valentine san valentino

° tasty and healthy dinners, all different from one another
° a quiet saturday, running errands, walking downtown and being lazy
° homely moments
° a sunny day, being able to open up all the windows, letting light and fresh, clean air come in
° a table all set: white tablecloth (with yellow wattle hand embroidered by my grandma), green glasses, everything sunlit :)
° watching the Six Nation with Sa (and texting my father to share comments in the meanwhile)
° vanilla scented black tea by Twinings, I still haven’t found one that tops it (but I’ll gladly take suggestions)
° listening to the birds chirping into the trees at the castle, walking with a warm sun kissing my neck, smelling the smell of earth warming up, feeling like going on my balcony to dig into my vases and set all my plants nicely *_*
° mountains on the horizon, after big green fields and poplar woods, still wintery, a heron in a moat and one flying in the sky, so so pretty ^^
° biking again, finally, only to take my bike to get some fixings done, but it was good anyway
° look at my mom’s scraps of fabric
° finding out that those beautiful brocades, for home decor, are 15€ per mt, but it’s 3,30mt tall *_*
° having one piece for my carnival costume, and taking infos for the second piece (it’s coming), yay
° being incredibly through, I’m (pleasantly) surprised by myself!
° tonight’s and this weekend plans ^^
° an apricot yogurt that reminded me of a snack I used to have when I was little
° mythological creatures

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