Musa’s Box


° a mythological weekend
° 4 cheeses pizza
° almost egyptian-like makeup
° giger beer
° painting my face as anti-stress remedy
° 70 min phone call with my elective brother 😀
° (missed) pizza with colleagues :)
° 30 min for decompression
° learning life lessons and things about myself, this time with positive comparison and my own wills
° willing to write
° plan Bs, and Zs, and all the ones in between
° thinking about a white and yellow bathroom
° tentacles
° vegan gel liners by The All Natural Face
° chit chats with an astoundigly similar mind
° another “warm up” weekend
° short, strict emails, filled with good news
° the scrunching sound of pebbles when you walk
° 20 and counting bunnies in a field… I said 20 and counting!!!
° “Ricotta kisses” a sweet (also to celebrate Mr. Faun’s good news U_U)
° home made bread smell
° celebrative croissants
° pinterest



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