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What made you happy this past week?


° the most gorgeous summer storm in years *_* standing at the window looking at it and enjyoing it, the fresh and clean air it left
° a night with friends: indian food (delivered!), ginger beer, chitchat and swap party
° my prototype for laceup flats turning out just fine, now all it takes is a serious pair 😀
° some ideas for next posts
° a freeing decision
° being “professor” again
° Soft Revolution posting a tutorial of mine
° playing with makeup with my little cousin, it’s an antiage device 😛
° yogurt cake
° home made bread, making everything smell nice
° a cuddly Clo
° this video
° Sa home for an extra day, to run some errands together
° genoase focaccia, sooooooo good
° my big, layered indian maxi skirt
° reading with my Stinkerbell on my lap, even though it’s hot
° warm laundry that smells like sun
° mythological creatures

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