Double Musa’s Box

Where do days run to, lately?
I don’t know if I can play the “changing season” card, since it’s quite early for that, but I have hectic scheduled days and when I finally have some time to myself I prefer the couch to my laptop 😛

By the way, here’s a double list to make up for any loss!

Una foto pubblicata da Cristina (@euforilla) in data:

° Nutella scones, soooo good!
° our japanese evenings (too bad for my attempted and failed onigiri, but I’ll try again!)
° youtube channels and free websites to learn japanese!
° a nice work environment
° plum coloured hair
° the new toy for my Stinkerbell, she adores it!
° finally painting my nails
° chinese take away
° tv shows on house redecorating, me too *_*
° From The Depth live in Modena, together with Vision Divine
° a very nice night out
° my wonderful chuncky heels shoes and long skirt, I felt as cozy as under a blanket
° our favourite tv shows
° dinner at my parent’s (with pastries)
° teaching philosophy all of a sudden and, quite pleasantly, realizing I still kick asses at it, oh yeah!
° being immersed, once again, in latin, philosophy, literature, languages… the perks of being a teacher!
° a new blood donation :)
° my husband asking me for a date (yes, we’re silly)
° organizing lunches with friends (when we can…)
° the air and the wind that smell like spring is coming, even though it’s still going to be a while before that
° thrift shops, I like to go rummaging through stuff :)
° Whittard english rose tea
° lots of layers in clothing, to stay warm and cozy
° endless sleeps
° mythological creatures

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