Musa’s Box

° Mr Faun, this time in primis, because he never says no to me, he never get upset when I’m really annoying (like I can’t stand myself); because he has endless patience!
° dehumidifier. It rules this week, you don’t need 20°C in july, you just need to take away humidity to breathe again, wonderful!
° Mad Madam Mim with chickenpox screaming “I hate! I hate! I hate! I hate!”
° saturday, going for sales with my ladies, chatting a lot (even though I found very little interesting)
° saying fuck off to politically correct: I’m tired of having to say “no offence to this or that” before any sentence, I’m giving MY opinion, for heaven’s sake!
° this weekend
° corsetry course *_*
° spraypainter
° thinking of a steampunk kitchen, like an alchemic lab, like an old apothecary, with tons of recycled glass jars with dry herbs or living plants in them
° sales on books at Feltrinelli (a bookshop :P), most of all those I was thiking about to get
° feathers
° spend a night writing, without thinking…
° talk with my brother
° Beerfest barbecue, with french fries in the white plastic basket, took me back to my childhood. And it was all delicious, and I was starving!
° showers, they put you back together
° Ghost by Michael Jackson, I’had never seen it before!!!
° starting to think about Halloween… I need clues for the costume…
° FB app to see which is your Patronus (mine’s a Phoenix :D), and this leads to…
° Harry Potter’s finally in theaters!
° books that make you think
° music-therapy in a mithological style: press play, dance and sing untill you can’t take it anymore!
° mythological creatures

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2 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. Corrine/Frock & Roll

    Heck YES, now *this* is an excellent list! I definitely hear you on the whole ”no offense” thing. My constant catch-cry is: ”okay, so I’m probably going to sound like a gigantic nutcase, BUT…” Why even pre-face conversations like that?!

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