21days n°8 – Work out

Mr. Faun and I had a new year resolution: to get rid of Christmas pudding by summe holidays.
I have to say that we kept up quite well untill a month ago, we started to see results, which started to be semi permanent. We can honestly count a total of more than twentyone days.
We even managed to go running in the park a couple of times, and we were getting better.
This month we stopped, it’s my fault, we need to establish a newroutine.
Because even though there was sweat, struggle and sore muscles, sometimes for days… and this is not “just saying”, I’ve experienced it. That amazing thing that is after-sport endorphines! Moreover I WANTED to work out, me! I wanted to! Thinking about crunches and situps as first remedy after a bad day instead of the classic pillow, chocolate and whining!
A-ma-zing U_U

How did we do? I used to say that I was working out online: we (Mr. Faun and I) chatted on emesene (oh yeah, hurray for ubuntu’s softwares) and gave ourselves timing, exercises, start, stop and painful comments.

I think that this is the trick: exercise with somebody, to motivate yourselves… or force eachother!
This creates a strange feeling of responsability, of duty to respect decisions made…

Working out with your significant other might have nice collateral effects… in spite weariness 😉

Just for my work out companion: please know that we’re going to exercise again, online or IRL or in the park, or with you crunching and with me trying to keep up with Jillina and Rachel.

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