Musa’s box

° my jeans left for holidays… in a week I’ll be rejoining them
° books that make me think
° an incoming de-pressuring week
° start putting some stuff in boxes
° good news
° a regular, monthly paycheck, I know it’s just routine in a funtioning office, but it’s not routine to me, nor in a general context!
° eating pizza with lots of people
° a quiet night
° re-watch Pulp Fiction, this time knowing how it rolls
° posting a super long, and dreary, post, it’s a liberation!
° organizing a meet-to-chat with a friend
° a weekend spent “like at home”
° the “home designer” on Ikea’s website
° sweet home 3D (did I already tell? :D)
° silence
° reading a book after another
° Foo Fighters
° walking slowly, knowing that reverse Murphy’s law is working: all trains are perfectly on time, all the coincidences are perfect and there’s also free seats
° travel texts
° the giveaway on Yes&Yes
° mythological creatures

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