Musa’s Box

img by me, beautiful cat by my friend!

° sleeping like my very life depends on it
° killing mosquitoes (please animalists don’t be mad at me, I splat only those who try to bite me)
° a cat that looks like a lion
° mango flavoured tea and after makeup class pictures
° a quiet sunday, toying around with wordpress
° super cute super cheap ballet flats shop
° a curious beginning on monday
° strawberries earplugs a girl had, saw them on the metro
° scarves
° henna, the colour and the softness it gives, the smell it has *_*
° looking for “Bento” on the internet
° spontaneous compliments
° my skin getting better
° kisses, above everything else
° a sun beam, finally
° reading on the train, reading a lot
° basically: being paid to write
° this saturday incoming post… wait and see!!!
° mythological creatures and their speeches
° bad words and insults, when you need them, they’re well needed!
° working while listening to Emilie Autumn
° three infinites
° a nerd boyfriend
° Google’s doodle for Les Paul
° Chirs Caffery, I’ve said enough U_U
° super yummy guacamole!


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