I still have a couple of things to say about all this “attraction” and “manifestation” stuff.

If some strong believer had read my last post on the topic, would probably have said something like “of course you can’t attract a car: you don’ t believe it’s possible! ’cause that’s how it works, you attrackt anythig you resonate with, wether it be good or bad”.

Likely… but at this point I refuse to believe that people call upon itself (even though unconsciosly) the wors experiences (can I say it all? how can a parent *want* his baby to be ill with leukemia? how can a woman *want* abuse? there you go…). Maybe I’m just afraid this is true?

Anyway, this being given, there’s a website I’d like to redirect you to, sadly he doesn’t allow to translate full articles, I can only resume some, as a teaser, and then link back to his website (but if english is your mother language, and you’re interested in these issues, you probably already know this website!).
Allright Steve Pavlina, let’s play your game.

There are some articles I really enjoy: the first ones about Intention Manifestation (which are linked together) and the second is “How to order at the restaurant of the Universe” (the fact that this reminds me about Adams’ book “Restaurant at the end of the Universe” it’s another thing!).

In the first ones he tells exactly how to do to manifest an intent: take five minutes, relax, empty your mind and focus your imagination on what you want, as if it was already yours, with plenty of details about how you would feel, feel it real!
When you think it’s enough, get back and go on with your day. Quite soon you’ll have an “alpha reflection”, meaning that your wish is “taken”, later, a week or so, you’ll have a “beta reflection”, the beginning of the manifestation of your intent, untill the manifestation itself.

(Do I hear someone saying “we’re all so good in finding meaningful coincidences if we want to and try hard enough”? True, but why not to keep encouraging ourselves?! Also, on the website there’s a post on the difference between cause-effect and intention-manifestation, get a look).
He also points out that if during this “manifesting time” you loose desire, you’ll get nothing, because you need to deeply want something.

In the second article he writes to clear up things, comparing focusing to placing an order at the restaurant: if you never pick anything, if you’re not specific, you’ll hardly get anything at all or you’ll get something you don’t want. If you ask “some cake” you could get a whole cake, made with everything you don’t like… if you ask for “a slice of Sachertorte”, that’s what you’re going to get. Though, the more you wait before asking, the more you’ll wait before being served, the more you change your mind in the meanwhile, the later you’ll be served.
What matter is to know it, right?

I’d say this is everything, check out Steve Pavlina’s website, I really like it, it’s well done and he writes well!
I’m not able to tell you more about all these stuff of placing orders, magnets and such, and I don’t think I have other objections about… I think it’s a good tool to clear up your mind, to focus on what we really want and to be in a mindset that lets us help ourselves, lets us encourage ourselves and keep catching opportunities, thinking that, sometimes, we truly deserve something!

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