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Yay for Italy! Happy 150° Union anniversary! My father hung our banner out on the balcony :)
Or happy St. Patrick’s day to the others… I think we can all celebrate together with a beer!
I’ll explain again how this Musa’s Box works: it’s nothing more than a gratefulness list, like many others on the net (been around for a while now). Once a week you’ll write down things you’re grateful for, things you loved or that made you smile, during the past week.
They don’t need to be big things, on the contrary, very often it’s the small things that make the difference. May I give you two advices? Try to find one good thing per day (so try to come up with a list of at least seven items, if one day has nothing another one can borrow it something) and take notes everyday.
Purpose and effects of these lists is to lift your mood, positive thinking and in the long run life’s quality: if everyday you focus on good things, in your mind there will be less time and space to think to bad stuff. Trust me it works!
And it’s fun, after a few weeks you’ll find yourselves thinking “Cool! This one goes in my list!” 😀

° Annie Leibowits and her Disney pictures
° coming back into a warm, quiet home with dry clothes
° baking a lllllot of cookies in a bunny shape (I called them “cuniculus aedibilis”, edible bunnies)
° such a strong inspiration that’s actually hammering in my head and it hurts!
° seeing Mr Faun playing onstage again, and having a great time, and feeling again the “musician-effect” (I’ll talk to you about this one day)
° birds chirping at 7pm, because it’s not cold anymore outside
° sunday afternoon spent “modeling”: fairy makeup, cookies, ginger, laughs with ladies and beautifullllllllll tshirts! Stella hand-paints them all… I bought two! (this one and this one… and yes, you get to see my face!)
° trying mineral makeup: my beauty is slowly going green, so I’ve tried mineral, ecobiological, green, ecofriendly, vegan, oh well… just “good” makeup for the first time… I’m impressed! I forgot I was wearing makeup, my skin felt like naked… but I was wearing a full fairy makeup (see Stella’s etsy shop :P)
° four big furry cats, one with huge blue eyes, they looked like glass marbles
° being with inspired and positive people
° waking up a monday morning with the best mood
° cleansing my face
° exercising, paining and sweating… but then feeling glimmering with endorphines
° the giveaway necklace that went alllll the way to Canada safe and sound, and look how good it looks on Gina 😀
° this article on “L’Espresso” an italian newspaper, you don’t need the words, just look at the pictures, they’re comparing famous pictures to neurons and “pictures” of mind processes
° Everybody wants kung-fu fighting
° Dream On
° posing for a painting (well, my hair will)
° having a lot of things to do in mind but not being stressed by them, instead I feel full of energy
° theatre classes, I’m loving it every day more, and I also like the group we’re building
° my orchid, it’s pulling a new supergreen leaf… and all my plants, we’re counting four now in my bedroom: orchid, african violet, pothos and dracena (lucky bamboo)… I’m enjoying all this green!
° a different thursday morning
° mythological creatures

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  1. Stella

    Oddio è gia giovedì XD
    Scatola Musa pure io…poi ti linko, cara e grazie per tutte le cose belle…

    Finirai in ben più di un dipinto 😀 Ho in mente un sacco di cose…

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