21days n°7 – Pronoia, Rob Brezsny

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I bought it last summer on Amazon, used, it was very cheap, and it arrived in little more than a week.
It took me a bit more to read it all… and at first I wasn’t happy with the purchase. Let’s say this: I couldn’t care less about all the euphorical and under-drugs-effect autobiographic tales by Rob.
So at the third page of those tales I gave them up, but I continued with the rest.
By the time I finished the book I had reconsidered my first opinion (of course I’ve skipped all the autobiographical stuff, and to be a book that has also an ecofriendly message there are waaaaay to many blank pages, and I mean pure white -not even recycled- paper… but let’s move on).
I have to say that the “Pronoia News Network” pages alone are worth the book (and if you can find it used, that’s better!). Such a lengthy and abundant collection of random interesting and positive facts was completely new tome.
Anyway every time you have to close the book you feel happier and with a better mindset towards the world. And sometimes I felt like I was reading exaclty the right paragraph I needed in that moment.
The final impulse was to cut up the book in many sentences to pick up random in the morning… and it’s not an idea to discard 😛

Anyway, why 21 days challenge here? Well, first of all finishing the book, it’s pretty thick, and with all those funny pictures it catched a good deal of interest on the train (also because it’s not exactly a paperback).
And here and there you can find exercises and “compositions” and questions.
I’ve selected just some of them (I’m sorry, but regardless of how much I’d like to re-evaluate sad and rusty areas, I won’t be dancing in the middle of a road in a badly renown part of the town, at midnight… I’m sorry), and I’ve done my homeworks.
If I had absolutely no idea of where to start from to have a positive mindset, this is a very good starting point… I’ll be guilty of hybris, but I think I’ve already asked myself a bit of everything, so finding new stuff it’s becoming hard. Of course it’s likely I’ve picked out the worst exercises for me.

Well, the final review is still a bit swinging… but if you find it on sale or used I’d say it’s worth reading, again “Pronoia News Network” and some other thoughts scattered through the book are worth the effort. Oh and a last advice given from Rob himself and then applied by yours truly to the book itself: don’t trust anything, trust only 80% of anything people tells you, put it in a doubtful position, maybe to find confirmation about it later, but at least it will be you the one verifying and you won’t be fed any dogmas ;).

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