Musa’s box

Another thursday, another box!
It’s (not my invention) good for your heart, it has to be shared and most of all added/linked in the comments, wherther you already have one or you’re writing it for the first time, because I’m curious 😀

° a nerd’s thursday (ubuntu for everyone!)
° having my “home recording studio” (for voice and songs *_*)
° deep and shallow chats on friday morning
° sun after days of heavy rain
° listening to music
° simply doing things to do
° projects for paintings 😀
° receiving old snail mail, paper letters, with very good news and a little present that reminded me of Erasmus inside
° writing, singing, well… “art-ing”!
° pasta alla carbonara
° swap party: the first one in Pavia, the first one of many others! The café that hosted the event Caffè 24 Maggio. Clarissa. The swap itself (very strange to walk away with clothes you didn’t have to pay). Association Techne (now “my” association too :)) The people that came. Theather costumes.
° the huuuuuuuuuuuge moon, thank you hypogeum
° thunderstorm
° fair traid of competences
° feeling again almost like in Erasmus
° people willing to challenge themselves
° synthetize again some vitamin D, thank you sun, I didn’t realize how much my mood depended on vitamins o_O
° physical activity endorphines, most of all when thoughts start spinning in the wrong way. But also: when thoughts start spinning in the wrong way, knowing that a bit of sweating will just do
° puppet/puppetteer exercise
° sleeping 12 hours and waking up practically healed
° posing for a painting *_*
° tidying up, physically and metaphysically (and cuddling a little)
° tonight’s meeting
° incoming weekend
° and happy birthday Houdini, nice doodle, google!

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