Musa’s Box double with Paris

Double Musa’s Box to make up for the one I left behind while I was in Paris. For those who don’t know what this is: click here.

° 5 consecutive hours spent talking (and multitasking: we also had henna, haircut and icecream) to catch up after a month of not seeing eachother
° my green bycicle, it takes me everywhere
° sushi (most of all saké sushi U_U)
° join “June Photo a Day”
° Klimt print bedspread
° being in the woods, by night, with an almost-full moon, frogs and birds making noises and a sea of fireflies, looking at them from an higher angle of the street, on the grass and the water… They were so many, like someone sprinkled glitter all over, it had that fairytale touch, magical! n_n
° a home made swap party: picture twelve-years-olds high on sugar, nail polish and a sweater. A scary explosion of oextrogens… but we had beers, not sugar U_U (PS Mr Faun locked himself up in the Lab watching Rock am Ring live in streaming, in a zen isolation, I’m telling you this if you were worried about him after the oextrogenic explosion)
° packu up something on a rush and fly to Paris!!!
° transportations, when they’re good, going around a new city is a piece of cake!
° the clean hotel ^^
° tons of pain au chocolat
° eat a galette that remind me of Montpellier <3
° crepes, croissants, soupe à l’oinion, macarons, devastated feet for too much walking, half done half forgotten pictures (I spend too much time looking around), already having a list of places to see when I’ll be back in this wonderful city
° being in Paris with Mr Faun :)
° an old man, much San Francesco-like, before Notre Dame, giving people pieces of bread and explaining them how to feed sparrows from their hands (basically: take a big crumble, keep it on your fingertips, with your arm stretched high, the sparrows will see it and sit on your hand, you can open it and they’re going to eat… such a wonderful experience!!!), I’ve spent some time talking to him (the old man, not a sparrow… he did that though, or at least he said ^^) I really enjoyed this moment!
° people mistaking me for french, people stopping me to compliment my scarf (lost at the Tim Burton Expo) or my braid or my nail polish, or my french pronunciation (or the british accent when instead I was speaking english), basically, oddly enough: people :)
° Paris, which is gorgeous even when the weather is not
° full moon reflecting on the Seine, with Notre Dame light up on the side
° coming back home, in the end there’s always something sweet about it
° re-read old diaries and find little smart things in them, keeping up posting old posts… it’s like a little celebration before being free from it :)
° a modeling day: high chair, big mirror with lightbulbs and so many brushes on my face (I was falling asleep XD)
° re-watch The Labyrinth with Mr Faun… and sleep through half of it XD
° some new tv series
° absolutely trash videos
° being a little bit more confident in people and in “happenings”: the moment you trust it, things start to happen
° an airy exercise with friends
° phonecalls with friends: picking up the phone and dialing the number only because it’s too long you don’t hear from eachother, just to chat some
° being there for Mr Faun, even though all I can do is listening (even though I’m cooking spinach :P)
° restore myself a little bit
° a nice opportunity I have to take
° being defined “delicious” ^^
° two full weeks ahead, I can’t wait for july, but in the meanwhile I won’t be bored
° Mr Faun always on my side, included grocery shopping with wholegrain pasta, vegetables and herbal teas
° mythological creatures

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2 thoughts on “Musa’s Box double with Paris

  1. yliharma

    Allora li hai mangiati i pain au chocolat!!!!!! Te lo scrivevo nell’altro post 😀
    Il problema di Parigi è che oltre a essere bellabellabella ti rimane proprio nel cuore…e non puoi fare a meno di tornarci ancora…e ancora…e ancora :)
    mi mancaaaaaaaa

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Oddio, l’altro commento me l’ero proprio perso!
      Sì, sono ottimi i pain au chocolat, è la prima cosa che cerco ogni volta che finisco in Francia XD

      Hai proprio ragione, è una città che ti costringe a tornarci appena puoi!!

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