Musa’s Box

img by me

° this little, happy, peaceful, plumpy walrus (and this picture now is my desktop)
° meeting my friends
° fruit cocktails
° new equipment to go running
° buying ourselves an easter egg
° nap on Couch
° listening to people playing music
° receiving plenary indulgence from the Pope, via TV, for free! XD
° turning my kitchen into a “little alchemist’s lab” to concot all my anti-cold remedies
° cuddles
° fun movies seen in bed
° being able to watch stuff in its original language, with no problems
° Tim Roth, he’s great!
° the long weekend
° goodmorning kisses
° bursting out for good
° easter & chocolate
° smashing easter eggs open
° baking “bruschette” to satisfy our junk-food craving (though it’s not junk-food at all!)
° making a fort under my desk
° having a telephone number to call whenever I need to
° rise again
° blowing soap bubbles
° almost writing “blowing soap bunnies”… wouldn’t this be great? amazing? *_*
° bread&salame
° vanilla ice cream
° booking for arnica massages at the spa
° organizing our next weekent to the mountains
° thinking about a mad tea party for next sunday afternoon
° presents to buy
° pictures taken with pro cameras
° getting used to spring
° healing and slowly getting better
° my new external hard disk
° tidying up to format
° the smell of fresh wall paint
° not having enough gigabites of music
° steampunk
° pink (oh gosh, did I really say it?)
° realizing that “some kind of things” don’t affect me like they used to
° “ehi! that’s not my problem! yay!”
° walking
° finishing all I had to do with University offices & stuff
° overcoming writer’s block
° the video I’ll embed down here
° ubermythic mythological creatures

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  1. Vale

    Io odio i periodi di transizione come questo. Ma se proprio insisti nel farmi trovare un lato positivo, bhè, anche questo periodo prima o poi finirà! E ogni giorno che passa la fine è sempre più vicina! Oh yeah!

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